A perfect anti-suicide solution making it impossible to commit suicide!

Safe Halo™ brings the unique patent pending approach to prevention of suicide by providing a solution that turns the ceiling fan, most often used to commit suicide, into a life saver with alarm that instantly prevents the suicide attempt and gives the acutely disturbed person a second chance at life!

  • Actual number of suicides by using ceiling fans are higher than 100000 per Year
  • Students are highly vulnerable and commit suicides using ceiling fans
  • Ceiling Fans are available and easily accessible in most places
  • Ceiling Fans are preferred choice
  • 3 million fans sold every year
  • About a billion fans in use today!

Safe clamp™ - A Perfect Solution

Making it impossible to commit suicide


  • Hostel Owners
  • Lodges and Paying Guest Facilities
  • Homes where young students live